Sunday, May 23, 2010

National Stationery Show Recap 3: Business Card Roundup Part 1

Of course any trade show you go to will have business cards ga-lore. BUT, when you go to a stationery trade show, these little cards don't just to hold contact info, each one is a tiny piece of lovely design you can keep in your pocket.

Here are some lovelies collected from the show this year.

By far, this one from Flywheel Press is my favorite, 2 color die cut 2 sided letterpress:



Twig & Fig 2 color duplexed letterpress:


BirdDog Press: 2 color 1 side letterpress

Spark Letterpress - 1 color 2 side letterpress, 4 part w/ grommet:

 ....stay tuned for part II...


carina said...

ooh, very fun post! i had some new biz cards printed up for the show and was devastated when they turned out sub-par. i tried explaining the importance of this to my husband and he just didn't get it. ;)

CryBabyInk said...

Thanks Carina! I agree, bcards are even more important if you're in the industry. I'll be posting mine within the next day or so :) Of course I'd be happy to help you out if you need a reprint or redesign :)

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