Sunday, December 30, 2012

Letterpressed Christmas Card 2012

Letterpressed on Crane Lettra 600gsm.

Champagne Glitter: Goodwill & Dollarstore Christmas Tree 2012

This years' Champagne Glitter Christmas Tree was decorated with ornaments purchased either at Goodwill or the Dollar store. If you walk into Goodwill before the holidays, you will find HUGE bags of ornaments for $1.99.  I spent about $6 on ornaments then headed over to Micheal's crafts for some Martha Stewart Glittering Glue and Glitter. I'm sure you can use other glue/glitter, but the MS brand is what works for me :)  I also like how fine the glitter is.


plus glitter:
plus cheap plastic ornaments = this:

The dollar store had sets of plastic snowflakes, just add glue & glitter & you wind up with this:

Joanns had a sale on "bridal" fabric, I picked up 3 yards of a shimmery satin and the same amount of a glittery tulle. It's just draped it around the bottom of the tree, no need to sew, hem, iron or whatnot.


For the Star, I folded a $0.99 piece of 12"x12" glitter paper to make it 3D ish.  I actually needed to cut the paper in half and print each half of the star separately since my printer wouldn't take the full 12x12 sheet. You could probably hand draw a template to fit on one sheet.

Cut around the edges, use a bone folder to crease the lines (create "mountain fold" on point lines, "valley folds" on lines between points):

Left template:
 and right...
And voila...
Put it all together...

The additional decorations on the tree are some chocolates that had a gold wrapper (tie on ribbon and hang), bows made of glittery ribbon (always 50% off before the holidays) and white curly willow type sticks I found in the floral decor section at Ikea.

It took some time, but not much $$ to create my 2012 Champagne Glitter Christmas Tree :)