Thursday, July 3, 2008

Goodbye Seattle!

Well friends, today is our last day at residents of the wonderful state of Washington. We hit the road this afternoon and head north to Vancouver, east to Banff, south through Montana, Wyoming until we arrive in our next home town of Denver, CO! I'll be off line (if I can stand it) for the next week and look forward to blogging from the other side of the continental divide.

My empty house...

Sarah's Basho

Sarah called me about her wedding invites a few months back, she had a vision of using basho along with her colors of Sapphire, pink and purple. Originally we were planning to use a photo of her wedding location as the background for set, but it just wasn't working once we did an actual mock up. Sarah had an idea to use different tropical graphics on each insert. We brought in her Sapphire by using a sparkly deep blue matte between her main invite and the textured basho paper. I think captured her vision, even though our phone calls always wound up more about the trials of wedding planning and other misc chit chat than about the actual invites :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cork in Cork, Ireland!

Congratulations to Will and Marcie who were married in Cork, Ireland Monday!

When talking about their escort cards, Marcie had asked if we could incorporate corks as their place card holders. Ask and the bride shall receive! Not only did we make place card holders out of cork for the wedding in Cork, but we also personalized them with the brides & grooms names in a font that coordinated with their program covers and Save the Dates!

Small detail. Big impact.