Friday, June 27, 2008

Tasty Face

We all know about the tiny tastiness that are M&M's. Who can resist?

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You might even know that you can have personal messages printed on M&M's as a wedding favor...

Perhaps you've even combined your love for chocolate and baseball...
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But did you know that you can now print pictures on M&M's too??


The My M&M's website:, has tons of creative ideas on how you use photo M&M's and also has a few restrictions: according to the website, they won't accept vulgar language or pictures...they "don't want to leave a bad taste in anyone's mouth."

Monday, June 23, 2008

Cookies Part II

Since we were talking about cookies yesterday, here's another great company to check out , Meli and Angi,


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ridiculous Deliciousness

Most of us look for design or wedding inspiration in, well, design and wedding magazines. Last week I stumbled across this fabulous find in a magazine, yes, but not where you might think. I found these in Newsweek, right next to an article about golf courses in Bolivia and what investments will safe guard your savings.

Well, these little gems definitely don’t fit into the safe guarding your savings category, but boy, are they just not the cutest things?

Check out these Butterflies in Nature cookies by Eleni's New York,

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Elenis New York offers hand iced cookies perfect for wedding favors and bridal showers, but they also have a cookies for kids birthday, holidays and thank you gifts.

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Feeling Fortunate? Fortunate Biscuits,, offers hand-dipped fortune cookies that are a delightful surprise. With cookie flavors ranging from the vanilla to pineapple and toppings from cappuccino cream to banana and Cinnamon.

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Practical? No. Fabulous? Definitely.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Programs, Programs Everywhere!

Program set
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Bridal season is upon us my friends and boy have I been busy cranking out the accessory details! Programs, escort cards and table numbers for brides from Ireland to Hawaii.

The programs came in all sizes: single panel, small, mutli page and tall! Each had custom elements that reflected the wedding style, some brides even supplied their own graphic details which is an easy way to tie elements from different sources together.

Your program size will usually be determined by the amount of content you need, here we used a tri fold, this allowed us to print a lot of content but keep the finished product down to a single sheet vs. adding pages.

For Marcie & Wills program, we went with a more formal booklet style consisting of 6 printed pages.

Look closely at Daniela and Tony's program, can you spot their monogram initial "B" in the top and bottom flourish?

Happy wedding day to all of my brides! I can't wait to post pictures of your big day!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Table Decor, Martha style

Check out these 2 fabulous and simple projects from ! What an easy way to personalize any event.

Fire and Water

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Simply take a small candle holder (pillar or votive) and place it inside a larger one. Fill the space between the 2 holders with water (tinted with food coloring) and you can create a centerpiece to match any decor.

For complete instructions, click here:

Festive Drink Umbrella

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And what is a summer party or ocean side wedding without a cocktail umbrella? Thursdays "Craft of the Day" on shows you how to make your own Festive Drink Umbrella out of origami paper. Think about all the possibilities...what about printing the bride and grooms name for a wedding or, better yet, using them as place cards? What about printing little fortunes on each for an Asian dinner party? What about printing titles of One Hit Wonders from the 80's that your guests will have to sing, after a few cocktails of course!

For complete instructions click here:

Sign up for Martha's craft of the day here:

How will you use your creativity to make these projects your own?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Home Design

A few weeks back my mother was in town for a visit. She loves quilt stores as much as I love paper stores, so I took her on a little tour of Seattle quilt shops. Normally, I don't buy anything, having no idea how to quilt, sew or do much of anything fabric related, I usually just take on chauffeur status.

A print caught my eye with it's deep reds and sparkly golds called Graceful Geisha's from designer Lonni Rossi. I wound up buying it, having no idea what to do with it, but knew I'd eventually have a vision.
This is a 1 yard panel of the fabric

And this is what happens when you have a gorgeous print, a few canvases and a staple gun...

Where will you find design inspiration from?