Sunday, June 15, 2008

Programs, Programs Everywhere!

Program set
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Bridal season is upon us my friends and boy have I been busy cranking out the accessory details! Programs, escort cards and table numbers for brides from Ireland to Hawaii.

The programs came in all sizes: single panel, small, mutli page and tall! Each had custom elements that reflected the wedding style, some brides even supplied their own graphic details which is an easy way to tie elements from different sources together.

Your program size will usually be determined by the amount of content you need, here we used a tri fold, this allowed us to print a lot of content but keep the finished product down to a single sheet vs. adding pages.

For Marcie & Wills program, we went with a more formal booklet style consisting of 6 printed pages.

Look closely at Daniela and Tony's program, can you spot their monogram initial "B" in the top and bottom flourish?

Happy wedding day to all of my brides! I can't wait to post pictures of your big day!


Anonymous said...

They all look amazing!! You always do breathtaking work!

Events by Evonne, LLC said...

Beautiful, Kristen!