Friday, June 6, 2008

Table Decor, Martha style

Check out these 2 fabulous and simple projects from ! What an easy way to personalize any event.

Fire and Water

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Simply take a small candle holder (pillar or votive) and place it inside a larger one. Fill the space between the 2 holders with water (tinted with food coloring) and you can create a centerpiece to match any decor.

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Festive Drink Umbrella

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And what is a summer party or ocean side wedding without a cocktail umbrella? Thursdays "Craft of the Day" on shows you how to make your own Festive Drink Umbrella out of origami paper. Think about all the possibilities...what about printing the bride and grooms name for a wedding or, better yet, using them as place cards? What about printing little fortunes on each for an Asian dinner party? What about printing titles of One Hit Wonders from the 80's that your guests will have to sing, after a few cocktails of course!

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How will you use your creativity to make these projects your own?

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