Tuesday, May 25, 2010

National Stationery Show Recap 5: Business Card Roundup Part 3

I could easily write 14 more posts about business cards, but I gotsta to stop somewhere.

 Here are just a few more that I had to highlight.

Hazel & Violet Ink: 1 color 2 side letterpress



Delphine Press: 1 color 1 side letterpress


Bella Muse:
2 color 2 side digital print
CBI card included just to show you the scale.



 Petits Mots: 1 color 1 side digital print

And last but not least, my own:
CryBaby Ink
2 color duplex letterpress, 


Now here's the tricky part, I knew I wanted duplexed back, but I couldn't figure out which paper to duplex with. There was blue velvet, gray velvet, blue rice paper, white rice paper, and some super fun ephemera wrapping paper from Cavallini.  So, instead of doing what most people do and edit, I chose all of them :)


{rice paper}

{Cavallini Paper}

{And a paper sandwich}
probably my fav of the bunch

Thanks for playing along, I hope you've had fun...

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