Thursday, May 27, 2010

Baby Girl 1st Birthday Party Invitation

My little girl turned the big 1 last month! For someone who designs stationery, personal projects are always great excuses to go all out! And by "all out" I mean SUPER complicated :)

Two techniques I'd been wanting to play with were fabric envelopes and sewn paper.  Add those together and and you have a labor intensive nightmare.  But, through all my whining, the result was rediculously fun and I'd do it over in a second!



{completed envelope}

{add a wrap around mailing label, printed on fabric}
{sew remaining monkey fabric strips on invites}
And finally, after only 6 yards of fabric, several rolls of fusible webbing, 17 lattes and a multitude of hours I'll never be able to get back, POOF handmade fabric envelopes with sew paper and fabric wrap around labels just like that!

What over the top crafts have you done for your family and friends?

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea!