Thursday, October 29, 2009

Papercraft - A Book for People Like Me...

Hi. My name is Kristen, and I'm a paper addict.

The day after I wrote the Playing With Paper post, I came home to find a beautiful package on my doorstep. In the la la land of my brains, the gift was wrapped in hand silk screen paper with a raw dupioni ribbon and left by a secret admirer, there might have even been a horse involved. However, in hum-drum-blah-boring reality, the "present" was my Amazon order in a standard corrugated box left by the mailman.

Anyhoodle, inside the box was Papercraft: Design and Art with Paper, edited by Robert Klante, Sven Ehmann and Birga Meyer, published by Gestalten in Berlin.

There are really no words to describe this book without sounding like a complete wacko. How do I know that I would sound like a wacko if I tried to convey my thinkings? Because of the odd and slightly frightened sideways glances I received from my husband as I squealed, groaned and tried to slow my rapid breathing each time I turned a delicious glossy page.

So I won't bore you with my opinions & ramblings, I'll just say this, if your someone who lives for creativity with paper, buy this

Here are a few bites:

Any idea what this is?
It's a close up of a bunch of torn pieces of paper. Big whoop, right? Until, of course, you zoom out and see that the bits are so meticulously placed to become this...

If you know of any other books like this, please oh, please oh, would you let me know :)


Amanda said...

I ESPECIALLY love the pic of the two girls with the fabric dresses, how delicious! I must borrow (when you're done drooling over it ofcourse :)

paperstreams said...

thanks for sharing this. i think i'll just have to hint this to someone for christmas :)

Kristen Jackson said...


Amazon has the best price that I've found so far $40.95 vs. $65 list.