Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lovely Paper

I'm always on the look out for lovely paper. Whether it be personal stationary, wedding stationary, journals or misc. ephemera I just...can't...get...enough.

My favorite design house as of today (although my ADD does not allow me to hold onto favs for very long) is, by far, Wiley Valentine. Their colors, textures and overall style make me want to take a pile of their stationary, throw it up in the air, let it fall where it may then proceed to roll around in it.

I bought this boxed set back in Seattle and am down to my last card & envelope. Honestly, I just can't see any occasion worthy of parting with my last card. So there it will sit, lonely in it's lovely box, on my shelf.

*disclaimer*My photos came out a little on the pink side, the paper is actually a bright white.

They also do a luscious line of wedding stationary. Oh to have a wedding do over...and an unlimited budget...

You can find these at Minted.

Another thing they do that I think is just TOO fun, they take their misprints, extras, etc. and cut them down into bookmarks. You can find these little treasures on their Etsy page...

What designers do you think everyone should know about?

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