Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Designers at Crane & CO.

I just posted a comment this morning over on the blog Exquisite Stationery (*love*) about the designs at Crane & Co Stationers. You may not think you know who Crane & Co. is, but believe me, ya do.  They have retail locations in higher-end malls across the country, they are the nations oldest stationer and if you don't think you've ever seen Crane paper before, just look in your wallet, Crane has supplied the paper for US currency (for those of you who actually USE such a thing) to the US Treasury since 1879.

Now, I love Crane for their tradition and their elegance, but besides buying their unprinted 100% cotton paper to print  invitations on, I've never actually purchased "stationary" from them, that will soon change!

I just jumped over to Cranes blog and saw this post! They just announced they've brought on THREE new studio artists! 

From the Crane blog, here are their brandy new designers, click on their names to be directed to their work posted on Cranes blog...not sure how keen they'd be to me using their pics, so you'll just have to click for yourself:

Happy Clicking!

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