Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Martha, Oprah and Yulia??

Anyone remember my post about the book Papercraft and illustrator Yulia Brodskaya? Cliffnotes version: cool book about artists using paper as a medium, one of them being Yulia who uses a hokey old paper quilling technique to take her flat ink on paper typographic illustrations and pops it right into the 3-D world. Like-a-dis...

Anyone ever heard of some snooty old broad named Martha Stewart?  Anyone happen to read her April issue?

Anyone happen to notice these feature headings?

This one too:

And then there's that other slacker who's slide to number TWO of the Forbes list of The Most Influential Women in Media, Oprah.  Anyone else put their back out carrying this tank of a magazine home from the grocery store?

And although she may have 22 OTHER fairly interesting women write SINGLE articles for the issue, it was Yulia who was highlighted throughout...

and finally:

It's like a chick mag, craft junkie, paper snob, design lovers mecca!

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Anonymous said...

omg, this is awesome. i love Yulia's work!!!