Thursday, July 30, 2009

Etsy: Butterfly Mobiles

It's no secret, I love (or *heart* as all the cool kids are saying) I don't think there is one single thing that is not available on the site, well, except may be carburetors (thank you spell check for not letting me write car-bor-a-tor). Nope, just looked, there are no carburetors for sale (however, when I entered "carburetor" into the search box a, um, "pipe" did pop up in the search result. But don't worry, the listing said "Pipes are sold for legal smoking uses only", so it's cool.)

I'm a big print & paper geek as most people know. I love anything letterpressed, screen printed, gocco'd or any other type of paper stuffs.

I was on a mission to find the "right" mobile. I have this habit of once I get an idea of how something is "supposed" to look in my head, everything that is not that exact thing just looks wrong. Most of the time makes me crazy but other times bring me great joy. This find was the latter.

Jenny Makes Mobiles made this sweet butterfly mobile out of little paper cutouts. I really just think it's the best thing since cream in a puff. There is no motor, so you have to spin it yourself, but as you spin, all of the tiny butterflies flit and flutter and look like they're flying in a halo over the crib. Like this:

You can buy it off Etsy for $30.00 (your money going directly into the artisit's hands that made it), or, you can buy this one:

from Pottery Barn for $85 and your money goes to some foreign land (well, actually you can't buy it from PB anymore, they're out of stock. **Update, I did just find the PB mobile on ebay for $180!). Or you can buy this one :

for the low low price of $60,000.

Some call it wasteful spending...I call it helping the economy.

What little things do you buy that just make your day?

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Ashley Jennings said...

tehe! I don't think the house I live in cost half that much in the 1940's. Love the butterflies, though.
Especially the simplicity of plain white and the chaos of all of the butterflies.