Saturday, July 18, 2009

Announcements Announcing...

Ella Juliet Jackson


She's given me a really great excuse for not showing my bloggy blog any love over the past year. However, many other craft/design/decor projects have be afoot and I'm hoping to capture them all (and anything else that I'm loving at the moment) here.

So I'll start with my first Ella related paper project:

Birth Announcements!

All of the paper came from Paper Source. For the card, I used a #10 Luxe note card in Fino White. The envelope is a #10 Luxe open ended in Blush. I did not use the button & string version, occasionally the button from the envelope can dent the note card inside.

The fonts used were Bickham Script, Bickham Script Fancy and Century Gothic. Each envelope was addressed to the recipient using Bickham for the names and the Century Gothic for the addresses.


head band by Blossom Heads

Stay tuned for butterfly mobiles, wall flowers, etsy prints and other nursery decor...

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Events by Evonne said...

Congrats, Kristen! Glad you are blogging again!