Friday, January 29, 2010

Crafty Poppa

I found this blog after I had flipped through Kirsty, a daily fascination, which slid me down a slope to The Mother Huddle because they had a fun post about business cards (another ephemeral obsession) which then swooshed me through a worm hole over to Say Yes to Hoboken where there were just TOO many ridiculously fun posts to even begin to discuss here... I finally rolled up on Made By Joel written by an artist who likes to do little crafty projects with his kids. Last time I checked, Dads + crafts + kids = awesome.

Paper animal finger puppets:

Stuffed dolls & animals:

Sleeping bags for your little frogs, I mean, little frogs to nap too, right?:


A ZOO blanket!

You've got some lucky kids Joel!

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