Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Wedding Invite

I have to confess, there must be about 100 wedding invitation websites bookmarked on my browser. I'm not sure that I want to admit exactly how many hours per week I spend flipping through these websites, however, I'd imagine that if I spent that time writing, I probably could have completed my own multi volume encyclopedia collection by now. So yeah, I was pretty sure that I'd seen every clever idea out there.

I was wrong.

Instead of the standard 5 plus piece wedding invite suite, this one was made of 3 simple pieces, a paper Save the Date, the Main Invite Envelope (a DVD sleeve) and the Main Invite (a DVD). All pieces were designed by the groom. If I've ever seen an invitation suite that oozes "labor of love", this is surely it.

Save The Date:

Photo Credit:

Video Invite:

If your invites mean as much to you as these obviously did to this couple and make your guests smile as much as this one made me smile, ya done good kid.

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