Saturday, November 7, 2009

Faux Bois

I Spy: Fabulous Faux Bois, from the French word False Wood (according to Wikipedia).

Any idea why Faux Bois is to this year what Silhouettes were to last? I can only think that is has something to do with the shift to more organic, natural feeling & looking materials. Is it an economic statement? Less flash more natural? Dunno.

Two things I do know however:

1. it's everywhere
2. I loves it

Baby Blocks: Get yours at Something's Hiding in Here (also found on my daughters bookshelf) :

Stationary from Umbel on Etsy:

Packing tape, found at TapeSwell:

Lamp shapes, find these at Dot and Line:

Fabric from Hawthorne Threads:
Moleskin notebooks from Mara Jane Creations:

Find out how to add Faux Bois to your holiday season in this month's issue of Martha Stewart Living. Finally a yule log I can love, an edible one. Find out how here: And gift boxes too! Find out how here:

There's even a whole blog dedicated to the love
of Faux Bois, It's (K)not Wood .

Where have you spied Faux Bois? Send me pictures and I'll post 'em!

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